What To Do When You Receive An Nyc Hpd Violation Notice For Lead Based Paint?

HPD Violation Removal

Have you recently received a notice from the NYC HPD about a violation related to lead-based paint? Then you don’t need to panic. This article will guide you what steps are necessary to take in order to resolve this issue for good.

But before we begin, let us understand the severity of the violation and how urgent it is to respond to it. We will also understand what NYC HPD Violation notice is and how it affects you.

Understanding NYC HPD Violation Notices

If you’ve received an NYC HPD violation notice for lead-based paint, it’s probably because your house is under the suspicion of lead poisoning.

These violation notices are sent by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and are meant to inform property owners of any violations related to lead-based paint hazards.

The notices provide detailed information about the violation, including the specific location and the type of violation found. It is important to carefully read the notice and take note of the deadline for correcting the violation.

If by any chance, you ignore or delay the action, it can lead to penalties which can severely harm your health especially, the health of children and elderly people living.

Assessing the Severity of the Violation

When the severity of the lead exposure is determined, it helps you to decide which course of action will be best suited for your situation. The severity of the violation may depend on a number of factors such as the level of lead contamination, the number of affected units and the potential health risks associated.

Just in case, if the violation is classified as “immediately hazardous,” it means there is a high risk of lead exposure and immediate action can be required. In such times, it is crucial that you contact a certified lead inspection service to promptly address the issue.

At Manhattan Lead, we provide complete lead inspection service using the latest XRF technology. Our team will carefully assess different parts of your house and find out the level of lead toxicity present. We will then put together a complete report and send it your way.

Based on the results, your house will be categorized as “hazardous” or “non-hazardous.”

Taking Immediate Action to Address the Issue

We all care about our lives and our children. Therefore, taking immediate action by addressing the issue can put a safety net around you and your family. Lead removal is essential as it resolves the risks associated with your potential health. To ensure maximum safety and a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones, it is advised that you take immediate action to make your house lead-free.

Remember, lead exposure can lead to serious health problems, especially for children and pregnant women. Delaying it will only increase the risk & put your family in danger!

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Why Choose Manhattan Lead for Lead Inspection? 

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If you are unsure about how to handle Local Law 31 and any of the local lead inspection requirements, our experts will advise you on the best way to handle the process from beginning to end. We have been performing lead inspections, lead assessments, and lead abatements for over 10 years and will give you peace of mind. Our experts will handle all of the scheduling, paperwork, and headache so that you can invest your time elsewhere.

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