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Manhattan Lead Testing A Full Compliance Lead Based Paint Testing in NYC

Even the smallest trace of lead can result in causing serious health issues. Are you concerned that your home or workplace contains lead paint? Call our EPA-certified lead paint testing in NYC to conduct a complete risk assessment inspection. 

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XRF Lead Paint Testing - The Fastest Way to Check Lead in Your NYC Home

XRF device is a special type of x-ray device which can see through layers of paint. It can detect the amount of lead on the surface and in between layers of paint. The XRF device can determine if a painted surface contains lead-based paint by measuring the x-ray fluorescence coming from the surface.

Lead paint inspections can be used to detect and identify any potential lead hazards in a property. It is important to have a lead paint inspection done to assess the potential health risks associated with any lead-based paint. The EPA requires that a certified lead risk assessor inspect any home or building that may have been built before 1978 and is occupied by pregnant women, young children, or families with children under the age of six.

Manhattan Lead Inspections can provide certified lead based paint testing and risk assessment inspections in NYC to ensure your home or business is fully compliant and safe.

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Why Choose Manhattan Lead for Lead Based Paint Testing in NYC?

We provide unbiased results so that you can make an informed decision on how to protect your family and employees from exposure to lead. Our experienced staff use the latest technology and techniques to provide accurate, reliable results. Using the powerful XRF technology, our team can identify the presence of lead in paint and provide an accurate risk assessment. We also offer detailed reports that include sample locations and detailed descriptions of the lead found. This report can be used to evaluate any potential risks and decide on the best solutions for lead abatement.

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Our Lead Paint Inspection Process

We begin our inspection process by evaluating each area of the property (including walls, doors, windows) to determine if lead paint may be present in any part of your house. We take samples from each room and send it to our laboratories for analysis. When it comes to home lead inspection, our certified risk assessors use XRF technology to inspect all areas that might contain lead-based paint and provide a written inspection report with our findings. The report includes detailed information on any potential lead hazards found within your property. Upon completion of the inspection process, we create a comprehensive risk assessment report and share it with you. If the potential risks identified are dangerous to health, we recommend you to perform complete lead abatement. We also provide a remediation plan that outlines how to address any identified hazards and minimize risks for occupants.

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NYC Lead Inspection - Where We Bring You Back in Compliance

At Manhattan Lead, our team is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive lead inspections and risk assessments. We know how important it is for your home or business to stay safe and compliant, and so we strive to provide the highest standard of care.

Our team of lead risk assessors are trained professionals who understand the dangers associated with lead hazards and can help you identify any potential risks. They will inspect your property thoroughly and use XRF technology to provide accurate results.

Let us bring you back into compliance.

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