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Professional lead paint inspections

Lead Paint Inspection - We Check, Detect & Test Your Property for Lead Paint

At Manhattan Lead Inspections, we take your safety as our top priority. We conduct detailed lead paint inspections to check for lead-based materials which can pose a hazard to occupants.


Trained and insured beyond state requirements.


Able to coordinate tests according to your schedule.


Communicative, open and honest about inspection findings.

Employ our lead paint inspectors in NYC to make your home or office lead free.

Certified lead paint inspectors

Live a Lead-Free Life with our Lead Paint Inspection Service in NYC

Are you living in a property that dates before 1978, and your walls and ceilings might be painted with lead-based paints in your home or office? Our professionals at Manhattan Lead Inspections can determine the risk of lead exposure in your house. We take a profound approach in performing a thorough testing and analysis. Using XRF technology, we inspect any property for lead paint poisoning, which may include individual dwellings, rental properties, apartment complexes & other commercial buildings.

We follow strict guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure accurate & reliable results. We employ certified technicians who understand the dangers of lead-based paint and how to detect it in your home.

EPA-compliant lead paint testing

Our Lead Paint Inspection Process

Our local inspectors can conduct a thorough analysis by taking samples of lead paint at your property. We employ the latest technologies such as the XRF ray gun to detect lead paint on the walls and other surfaces.

For basic inspections, we will walk through your home or office and look for any signs of chipping paint that may contain lead particles. We also use an XRF testing machine to test suspected areas and provide a detailed report with our findings. Our experts undergo a program with in-field inspections, hands-on technical training & a final exam to become certified.

At Manhattan Lead Inspections, we strive to make your living space safe and lead-free. We take lead paint inspections in NYC seriously and go the extra mile to give customers the best.

Safe lead paint removal options

Why Choose Manhattan Lead for Lead Paint Inspection in NYC?

Manhattan Lead Inspection offers a variety of services for lead paint, including visual inspections, XRF analysis and air sampling. Depending on the age of the property and its current condition, our technicians can select the appropriate testing methods to ensure accurate results.

We also guarantee comprehensive customer service throughout the entire process. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide helpful advice on how to eliminate potential safety risks associated with lead paint contamination.

Our lead based paint inspectors in NYC have developed a specialty in inspecting the property’s interior, exterior, soil pipes and paint jobs. Want to perform lead paint inspection in New York City? 

Expert lead paint analysis

Why is Lead Inspection Important?

Previously, lead-based paints were commonly found in homes, apartments, children’s foster homes, public buildings, commercial setups and government structures. The paint earned significant popularity because of its ability to dry up and offer durability. Fast forward to today, we have learned that lead is a highly toxic compound which can cause various health problems. 

It can damage your brain, nerves, kidneys, blood, etc. Exposure to high amounts of lead can create serious detrimental outcomes for you and your family. Although the United States banned lead based paint in 1978, the lead is still present in many older structures, homes, and buildings. While a fresh coat or recently applied lead based paint is not usually a potential threat, when it starts deteriorating, it can pose a danger to your health.