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What to do if a painted surface tests positive for lead?

If you’ve tested your paints and they come back positive for lead, don’t panic! It’s important to remember that lead paint only becomes hazardous when it starts to deteriorate, so if your paint is in good condition and not peeling or chipping you’re probably okay. The best option is to contact a certified lead paint inspection expert & then a lead abatement professional who can safely remove or isolate any lead paint in your home or building.

Is lead paint testing required under the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule?

No. A renovation firm can simply assume there’s lead-based paint present in the house and follow the requirements of the rule which requires little to no testing. Or, it can follow the requirements of the regulation and conduct tests to determine the presence of lead. If lead is detected, the firm must then follow the additional requirements of the rule. It is important to note that the RRP Rule only applies to residential buildings constructed before 1978

If lead is detected, what should be done?

You can always reach out to Manhattan Lead for advice and guidance on how to best handle the situation. Depending on the type of lead-based paint, there are a few different options available for dealing with it. Some of the most common strategies for dealing with lead-based paint include encapsulation, abatement, and removal. However, Manhattan Lead can only help you with the inspection process and connect you with trained professionals who can safely remove or abate the lead-based paint. Manhattan Lead will help you with the inspection before and after your abatement process. We can connect you with trained lead abatement professionals who will safely abate the lead based paint.

What is Local Law 31?

Local Law 31 is a recently passed  NYC law that requires buildings with 3 or more units constructed before 1960 to be inspected for lead-based paint and certified by a DOH or HPD-approved lead inspector. The law also requires the landlord and managers to provide tenants with information regarding potential lead hazards and how they can protect themselves and their families from lead exposure and potential poisoning.. Manhattan Lead can help you with this certification process and make sure that your property meets all the requirements of Local Law 31 perfectly.

What is DOH Lead Violation Removal & HPD Violation Removal?

DOH Lead Violation Removal and HPD Violation Removal refer to the process of removing or abating lead-based paint violations issued by the Department of Health (DOH) and the New York City Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). If your property has a lead-based paint violation, Manhattan Lead can help you by connecting you with qualified professionals who have the expertise to safely remove or abate lead-based paints. We also provide additional services such as NYC Lead Paint Certification & NYC Lead Poisoning Prevention Certification if needed.


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