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We use handheld XRF analyzer machines to accurately test all types of surfaces for the presence of lead-based paint. Get a complete analysis and full report from our EPA-certified inspectors in NYC.

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What is XRF Fluorescence (XRF Lead Testing) in NYC?

XRF analyzer machines are specific handheld XRF analyzer machines which resemble radar guns to efficiently and accurately test all kinds of surfaces in a residential building. XRF inspection is a non-destructive method to remove & collect samples when the lead is buried underneath many layers of paint.

Our EPA-certified inspectors use XRF technology for comprehensive lead-based paint testing in NY and NYC. Our XRF testing services cover all aspects of residential homes, including walls and ceilings, exterior & interior doors and windows, trim work, flooring, cabinetry, and other surfaces as needed.

At Manhattan Lead, we utilize state-of-the-art XRF lead-based paint testing in NYC. Our certified lead paint inspector in NYC will employ XRF analyzer machines to uncover the presence of lead paint poisoning in any area of your home. With our XRF testing services, you can expect efficient and accurate results, ensuring the safety of your environment. Contact us now for reliable and thorough XRF lead-based paint testing in NY and NYC.

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When is XRF Lead Paint Testing Required?

Local Law 31 came into effect back in August 2020 and according to the latest amendments,  any buildings built before 1960 are now required to undergo XRF lead paint testing. This law applies to both landlords and tenants alike; if the landlord fails to comply or provide documentation of XRF lead testing, they may face heavy fines and other penalties.
It is necessary that:

XRF testing must be performed by an EPA-certified lead inspector.


Inspection must be performed within 5 years.


If you have a child under 6 years of age, the XRF lead testing shortens to 1 year.


XRF analysis is also required when you apply for an HPD lead exemption.

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If your residential or commercial property was built in 1978 or earlier, it is likely to contain hazardous lead paint. This type of paint can be found in the form of chipping or dust and poses significant risks to both the environment and human health. Breathing in lead-contaminated particles can lead to various health problems, making it particularly dangerous for children under the age of six. To ensure the safety of your home or office, it is highly recommended that you have it inspected for the presence of lead paint. At Manhattan Lead, our team of inspectors and risk assessors specializes in identifying and managing lead hazards. We employ advanced techniques such as XRF testing to thoroughly assess and test for the presence of lead in and around your property. Whether you are located in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island, you can trust our EPA-certified and licensed lead inspection services to safeguard your property

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XRF testing: the smart choice

What is the XRF Lead Testing Process?

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a sophisticated process of identifying lead-based paint. It is used to take a sample of lead paint, and it measures the amount of lead present in that sample. This process eliminates any guesswork or errors in determining if a location has lead-based paint.

The XRF testing requires our certified inspector to use an XRF analyzer machine, which they hold within 4 inches of the painted surface. The XRF analyzer machine, specifically designed for precise lead testing, provides accurate results. We offer reliable XRF lead testing in NYC to ensure the safety of your property.

For professional XRF lead testing in NYC, trust the expertise of Manhattan Lead. Our certified lead paint inspector in NYC utilizes advanced XRF technology to ensure accurate and reliable results. Contact us today for comprehensive XRF testing in NYC to safeguard your environment.