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If your home was constructed before 1978, there’s a high probability that it still contains lead residues. Lead-based paint was commonly used in homes and commercial buildings during that period. Even. today, many properties in Brooklyn still have lead-based paint on their walls.

To ensure your property is lead-free, it’s best to hire a professional team to conduct a thorough lead inspection in Brooklyn, especially if you’re unsure if your home contains lead residues. Lead poisoning is a severe health concern, and if not handled appropriately, it can lead to significant health issues. Additionally, having lead residues in your home can result in penalties from state regulatory authorities.

To avoid hefty fines, reach out to Manhattan Lead for lead inspection services in Brooklyn.


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Our team of experts is fully licensed, trained, and EPA-certified to perform comprehensive lead inspections in Brooklyn.


Our pricing is transparent and designed to fit within your budget so you can have peace of mind when hiring us for lead inspection.


Manhattan Lead strives for quality assurance where we ensure everything we do is done by the book meeting the standards.


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What Are the Risks Associated with Lead Exposure?

Lead is a hazardous substance which can have a serious negative impact on your mental and physical well being. If the residents of a house accidentally inhale lead particles, they can develop serious health issues that go a long way. A few such issues are high blood pressure, muscle/joint pain, constipation, stomach cramps, insomnia, mental exhaustion, and so on.

In addition, owning a house that contains lead residues can put you in a difficult situation with local regulations. Did you know that selling a property with lead-based paint or even traces of it can expose you to liability? If someone is living in a house that has lead in it falls ill, they can file a lawsuit against you in federal court, and you may end up paying a penalty of $10,000.

To avoid such risks, you can book a consultation with us.

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Stay Compliant with Local Law 31: Rely on Our Certified Experts for Lead Inspection

Do you own a property or you’re living in one in Brooklyn? If your property was built before 1978, it’s important that you get your property inspection done for lead traces. According to Local Law 31, any home that has been built since 1978 or before is required to perform lead inspection every 5 years for the good health of the residents. Manhattan Lead offers thorough lead inspection service in Brooklyn where we make sure your home is fully compliant with the Local Law 31. Our experts will thoroughly examine your property and offer you a detailed report on the lead exposure. We have a trustworthy team who prioritize health & safety and urge you not to take any chances. Contact our professionals today, schedule an inspection. Make your home fully compliant with Local Law 31.

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Stay Safe From HPD or DOH Violation in Manhattan

Many homeowners in Brooklyn face HPD/DOH violations due to inadequate lead inspection. Manhattan Lead’s inspection teams in Brooklyn guarantee a thorough inspection to eliminate all lead traces from your property. As a professional lead inspection service in Brooklyn, we recognize the significance of protecting you from such violations. Paying large fines or facing federal court is not a desirable outcome. Don’t compromise your safety and well-being. Avoid legal and financial consequences associated with lead poisoning by contacting our teams today.