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Manhattan Lead is here to ensure the health and integrity of your properties throughout Brooklyn. We bring decades of experience to provide comprehensive lead abatement solutions. From residential Brooklyn properties to commercial buildings, we cover all. Our proactive approach effectively removes lead sources and creates a safer environment for everyone. We meet all regulatory requirements and ensure you get no local law objection. Trust us for the best lead abatement service in Brooklyn.

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Enitan Adebonojo
Review On Yelp
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Although I had to cancel my appointment for lead testing, Bryan was incredibly helpful. He let me know that I didn’t need the test based on date of construction, which led me to inquire and get confirmation from HPD. I appreciate Bryan’s patience and honesty and would definitely recommend his service.
Joseph R
Review On Google
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Using them was easy, they came to our building in Brooklyn on the weekend and performed XRF lead paint inspections and gave us great service! will recommend!
Yan Margolin
Review On Yelp
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I and my clients having the most glowing things to say about Brian and the team. They have done work both for corporate clients and individual ones and we have been tremendously pleased.
Anthony Melone
Review On Facebook
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MLI has been an absolute asset for our management company. We are always confident in their lead inspections and would highly recommend!

Get Benefit From Our Range of Lead Abatement Services

Whether you require lead testing, paint removal, or specialized cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Our professionals are well-equipped to handle all sorts of residential and commercial establishments. Our customized strategy ensures effective lead abatement for your property. Choosing Manhattan Lead Inspection means access to a versatile suite of lead abatement services.

Our Lead Abatement Services Include

We Cover Entire Brooklyn

We offer our comprehensive lead abatement services to the entire borough of Brooklyn. Our mission is to create safer and healthier environments throughout Brooklyn. Whether you reside in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, or Bedford-Stuyvesant, we have the resources to address the entire Brooklyn effectively. Compliance and safety allow us to live and work without worrying about lead-related health risks.

Our Lead Abatement Process

Our lead abatement process is Modernized and effective:

Benefits of Lead Abatement

Safeguard occupants from lead-related health risks.

Ensure adherence to local lead-related regulations.

Increase property value by removing lead hazards.

Prevent health and legal issues.

Safely dispose of lead materials.

Enhance property appearance.

Choose from various lead abatement methods.

Access professional knowledge and equipment.

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Why is lead abatement necessary?
Lead is toxic, especially to children and pregnant women. Lead abatement is necessary to ensure a safe and healthy living or working environment and to comply with regulations.
How do I know if I need lead abatement services?
If your property was built before 1978, when lead-based paint was commonly used, and you suspect lead hazards, it's advisable to have a professional assessment to determine the need for lead abatement.
Is lead abatement expensive?
The cost of lead abatement varies based on the extent of lead hazards and the size of the area involved. It's an investment in safety and long-term well-being, often outweighing potential health and legal costs.
Are your lead abatement methods safe?
Our methods are safe and compliant with industry standards and regulations. We prioritize safety for occupants, workers, and the environment.

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