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Manhattan Lead is Your Trusted Lead Water Testing Services Provider In Brooklyn

An average human is suggested to drink 8 ounces of water daily. Are you confident your water improves your health instead of harming you further? Is your water contaminant free? If you can not answer these questions with absolute certainty. Then you need to test your water supply for contaminants such as lead because there is a high probability that you might be at threat of lead poisoning.

According to recent research conducted by the New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning (NYCCELP), 46% of the population in Brooklyn is exposed to lead through water supply. Among 46%, 13% of pipes are either made of lead or have some form of exposure to lead materials. And 33% of the population is potentially exposed to lead in water.

Therefore, if you are a resident of this area, it is highly suggested that you get your house water supply tested by a professional lead testing company in Brooklyn, such as Manhattan Lead. Our expert team of professionals conducts thorough testing on your water supply to detect the presence of such contaminants.

Lead Water Testing in NYC

Emergency Lead Testing Services in Brooklyn

Lead is a heavy metal that can cause severe health complications in adults and children. Therefore, if you suspect health complications such as cardiovascular, kidney, and irregular behavioral changes, please consult your doctor and get tested for lead poisoning.

If you live in a brownstone home or any other building constructed before 1970, call Manhattan Lead for lead water testing services immediately. Our professionals will immediately reach your location in Brooklyn to test the premises for lead leaks.

How Lead Is Lurking into Your Water Supply

Lead is a neurotoxin that can lurk in your tap water through a chemical reaction between water and pipes, fixtures, or faucets made of lead. This phenomenon is known as corrosion. The amount of lead that transfers to water depends on the following circumstances.

  • High alkalinity or acidity in water
  • Types and quantities of certain minerals in the water
  • The surface area of lead that water comes in contact with
  • Water temperature
  • The wear and tear in pipes
  • The duration of water stays in those pipes

Call Manhattan Lead Inspections, your trusted lead inspection company in Brooklyn for efficient lead water testing services!

The Impact of Lead on Your Health: Why You Need Lead Water Testing Service in Brooklyn

The water in Brooklyn may contain lead, putting residents at high risk for lead poisoning. Taking the time to test your water supply for lead is more critical than ever; prolonged exposure to lead has proven extremely dangerous to your health. The detrimental effects of lead on the human body can include impaired cognitive development, behavioral problems, hearing loss, and in extreme cases, death. Children are at higher risk than others. Because prolonged lead exposure affects brain development in children by affecting different areas of their cognitive development, for this reason, you must test the water supply for lead to make sure you and your family are living in a healthy and safe environment.


If your child exhibits any of the above symptoms, contact a health center immediately and have their blood levels checked. Also, contact Manhattan Lead to inspect your home for lead leaks.

Manhattan Lead is Your Trusted Lead Inspection Company in Brooklyn

Choose Manhattan Lead for lead water testing service in Brooklyn to protect your family from the dreadful impact of lead poisoning. We are a reliable lead inspection company with years of experience and expertise in protecting the people of Brooklyn from lead exposure. We have expert staff equipped with the latest equipment to thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of your home to ensure that you are 100% safe from hazardous levels of lead exposure. Trust us to keep you and your loved ones safe.