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XRF Lead Testing in Brooklyn - Get HPD Violation Removals And Make Your Home Local Law 31 Compliant

Manhattan Lead Inspections offers you guaranteed results for lead dust testing. We are EPA licensed and serving in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island and other surrounding areas.


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What is XRF Lead Testing & Why It’s Important?

XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) Lead Testing is a non-destructive analytical technique used to detect the presence and concentration of lead in a variety of materials. It is commonly used to test paint, dust, and soil for lead contamination in residential and commercial structures. XRF Lead Testing is important for identifying potential lead hazards in the environment and for protecting people from the potential health risks associated with lead exposure. It’s important to get your house XRF tested and in full compliance so you have a property that is in accordance with the laws & regulations.

Do you want to protect your health and environment? Schedule an XRF lead testing service today with us. Contact our team of professionals to get lead tested.

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What is Local Law 31 and Why Your Property Must Be Compliant?

Local Law 31 is a New York City law that requires building owners to conduct annual inspections and testing of certain high-rise building components. More specifically, it requires owners to inspect and test for lead contamination. The law was created to ensure the safety of occupants in high-rise buildings by ensuring that your house is lead free and meets the desired standards established by the New York City Fire Department.

Failure to comply with Local Law 31 can result in fines, and it is important that your property is compliant in order to avoid any potential penalties.

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How Manhattan Lead Inspection Performs XRF Lead Testing?

At Manhattan Lead Inspection, we use XRF lead testing technology where it utilizes a direct-reading energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer. This instrument measures the amount of lead present in the paint on a surface and determines its consistency. Each lead paint test only takes 10 seconds to complete, yielding immediate results. The EPA defines lead paint as paint that contains a concentration of one milligram of lead or more per square centimetre (mg/cm2) of paint.

Our team performs the lead paint testing in Brooklyn by initially calibrating the instrument. The calibration ensures that the tool provides accurate results. They take a paint chip sample from the existing wall that needs to be tested and use the XRF technology to analyze the sample and calculate the amount of lead present on the walls. The device has an LCD panel that shows results in mg/cm2. For further results, we send the lead samples to a lab meeting the EPA standards and provide you with a detailed report.

Need help in learning the process, our experts will provide you with the best recommendations for addressing the problem.

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In What Situations Will You Require XRF Lead Testing in Brooklyn?


Buying or selling a property


Child lead poisoning dangers


Application for Brooklyn Health Department Daycare Permits


RRP (repair and repainting) of surfaces


Lead abatement clearance testing


Receiving summons during the Brooklyn HPD investigations

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When Can Your House Be At Risk of Lead Poisoning?

If your child has elevated levels of lead in their blood, you may find yourself under a risk of lead exposure. A lead risk assessment is normally performed to evaluate the risk of lead poisoning at your home, office or school by a state certified specialist. Child-occupied residences containing heavy levels of lead in their blood can observe harsh penalties and fines mandated by the NYC Health Department. Before your house becomes exposed to heavy levels of lead paint exposure, it’s best to hire a certified professional to test your property for lead poisoning.

Our team at Manhattan Lead Inspection can offer you complete lead testing service in Brooklyn. Feel free to contact our professionals at any time.

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Why Trust Manhattan Lead Inspection for XRF Lead Testing in Brooklyn?

Manhattan Lead Inspection is a trusted source for XRF lead testing due to our commitment to deliver the best results. We use advanced tools to accurately measure lead concentration levels present within the paint on the walls of your property.


The XRF technology is the only method that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for lead testing.


Manhattan Lead Inspection is certified by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and has been providing lead testing services for many years. Our teams are experienced in conducting lead testing in Brooklyn for residential & commercial buildings. We have the knowledge & the expertise.

When it comes to lead inspection in Brooklyn, Manhattan Lead Inspection is a trusted source for XRF lead testing.