Is New York At The Threat of Lead Poisoning? 

It is not wrong to say; yes! New York is at threat of lead poisoning, despite the fact New York City remains vigilant in its efforts to combat the threat of lead poisoning. In 1978, lead-based paints were banned due to the health risks, particularly in women and young children. However, traces of lead are still detected in old buildings, water pipelines, and even in cosmetics.

Combatting Lead Exposure in NYC

NYC has taken steps to address this concern, implementing regulations like Local Law 1, which mandates inspections and remediation of lead hazards in properties where young children reside. Despite these efforts, indirect lead consumption continues to pose a serious health risk.

The consequences of lead exposure are digging graves, especially for children. Lead poisoning can harm neurological development, leading to behavioral and cognitive issues that persist into adulthood. Children with elevated blood lead levels may experience learning disabilities, reduced IQ, and developmental delays. Despite the stringent regulations, a report suggests; 1 out of 5 persons in NYC are endangered by lead poisoning. It is very important to detect lead poisoning in paint, water, etc, and take strong safety measures.

Unveiling the Stealthy Threat – Tracing Lead’s Origins in Our Environment

Lead (a highly toxic metal) originates from multiple environmental sources. One of the very common sources is paint used in our homes and buildings. It was commonly used in houses constructed before 1978, but still, today, we can find traces of lead in our building’s paint. When the paint starts deteriorating, the lead-containing dust quickly gets ingested by people. We can also find traces of lead in the water coming through old water pipes containing lead.

One of the most significant sources of lead is our industries. Battery manufacturing, construction, and smelting industries emit charge, and the workers have direct exposure to lead fumes and dust. Moreover, our toys, cosmetics, and ceramics also have lead concentration.

It is very important to identify and eliminate lead to ensure public safety from the devastating consequences of lead poisoning. You can rely on Manhattan Lead Inspections for a lead inspection. We are licensed and certified.

How Lead Affects Your Health

Lead is a toxic metal that badly affects human health when you come in direct contact with it. When lead enters your body, it disrupts the psychological process leading to long-term health problems. Children and pregnant women are vulnerable to lead poisoning.

If we talk about children, lead exposure causes cognitive impairment, hearing loss, speech impairment, and other disabilities, and it affects the nervous system as well. For pregnant women, lead exposure can badly affect fetus growth which may result in preterm birth, weight loss, and other development issues.

Lead exposure causes health problems in adults as well. It increases the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular system, kidney failure, etc. prolonged high-level lead exposure can cause severe health problems like nerve damage, reproduction problems, and cognitive difficulties.

Therefore it is very important to avoid lead exposure as much as possible. For this, you can get lead testing services from Manhattan Lead Inspections.

Get Yourself Tested for Lead Poisoning

A lot of people with lead poisoning do not feel or look sick. In that scenario, it is better to get a blood test. If you think any of your family members are at risk of lead poisoning, ask your doctor for a lead test.

Lead Testing Requirements that Need To Be Implemented in NYC

  • Children: New York State should ask healthcare providers to test all 1- and 2-year-old children for lead. Children should be monitored and regularly accessed up to 6 years old.
  • Pregnant people: Doctors should check every pregnant woman for lead poisoning on every prenatal visit.
  • Workers: Workers are at high risk of lead poisoning; they should be monitored by their employer and get tested once in a while for lead poisoning.

These steps should be taken by NYC state, and everyone should strictly follow them to avoid the threat of lead poisoning.

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