Is New York At The Threat of Lead Poisoning? 

It is not wrong to say; yes! New York is at threat of lead poisoning, despite the fact New York City remains vigilant in its efforts to combat the threat of lead poisoning. In 1978, lead-based paints were banned due to the health risks, particularly in women and young children. However, traces of lead are […]

How Lead Affects Learning Capabilities in Children?

lead inspection nyc

Did you know that the United States has its fair share of children with elevated blood lead levels exceeding (>5 mcg/dL) from 100% to an incredibly small percentage as of today? Indeed, lead is a poisonous element which has impacted the lives of many individuals. It has a directly negative impact on the health of […]

A Brief History of Lead Paint Poisoning

History of Lead Paint

Back in the days, when lead paints contained lead pigments, there were seldom chances of knowing the potential health risks that it can pose in younger children. The knowledge of these risks evolved over time & took almost a century to become evident. Cases of individuals developing learning disabilities started emerging and blood tests indicated […]

Lead, Personality, and Mental Health: What is Happening to You?

Lead exposure and mental health

The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies lead as a neurotoxin. It is a naturally occurring metal that causes hazardous health effects, especially on the nervous system, in high concentrations and prolonged exposure.  What is happening to your health? Are you feeling fatigued? Having trouble in decision-making? Do you feel slower compared to your colleagues? It […]

Lead Paint Testing & Environmental Health: The Importance of Lead Poisoning Prevention

lead poisoning prevention

Lead, a naturally occurring toxic metal, has been widely used in various industries, including paints, plumbing fixtures, and consumer goods, throughout the 20th century. However, the medical community has increasingly acknowledged the harmful effects of lead on human health, especially in children. Exposure to lead may cause lead poisoning, which has severe and long-term health […]