How Lead Exposure Affects Children: Risks and Prevention 

lead exposure

Lead exposure is a major health concern, especially among children and pregnant women. Nowadays, many efforts are being made to remove it from our environment as much as possible. Lead is a toxic metal found in various products, including gasoline, paint, water, soil, and even makeup. Despite continuous efforts, it is still harming people. 

Today, we will be discussing how lead exposure affects children. 

The Risks of Lead Exposure in Children 

Cognitive Effects: Lead exposure badly affects children’s cognitive development. It interferes with brain growth and development. According to the research, lead exposure can disturb children’s academic skills, which can have a long-term impact on their career prospects. 

Behavioral Issues: We have seen multiple cases of behavioral problems among children due to lead exposure. It includes aggression, hyperactivity, and anxiety. These behavioral issues complicate their social interaction, leading to challenges in society. 

Physical Health Issues: Lead exposure affects almost every system of the body. It is very harmful to children’s health, especially their nervous system. Lead damages the central nervous system and can cause multiple issues, including neurological issues, developmental delays, anemia, etc.  

Impact on Growth: Lead exposure also impacts children’s physical growth and interferes with bone development. Children with an increased lead level in their blood have a high chance of facing developmental issues, including walking and talking. 

Socioeconomic Consequences: The effects of lead exposure extend beyond the individual child to impact families and communities. Children with cognitive and behavioral problems need special education, which can be costly. Families may encounter financial strain due to medical bills and the need for specialized care. Additionally, the broader community may bear the economic burden of lost productivity and increased healthcare costs associated with lead poisoning. 

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Sources of Lead Exposure 

Lead-Based Paint 

Lead-based paint is one of the major causes of lead exposure. Buildings made before 1978 are more likely to contain lead-based paint. When the paint deteriorates, it spreads as dust in the environment. Young children and pregnant women are more likely to be at risk, increasing the likelihood of ingesting lead particles. 

Contaminated Soil: In urban areas, lead is commonly found in soil due to industrial activities and heavy traffic. Children playing outside come in contact with the soil and, in all innocence, ingest lead when they put their hands in their mouths.  

Drinking Water: Lead can leach into water from lead pipes and fixtures. This is a concern in older homes and buildings with plumbing systems that have not been updated. Children exposed to contaminated water are more likely to get lead exposure. 

Imported Products: Some imported products, including makeup, jewellery, toys, etc., contain lead. If children put those products in their mouths, they can pose health risks. Parents should keep such products away from children. 

Prevention of Lead Exposure 

Home Safety Measures: Identify and address the lead sources as soon as possible to keep you and your children safe. Hire professionals for lead inspection. Professional lead abatement services help remove lead hazards. Clean your home regularly using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. They remove lead dust to a great extent. 

Safe Drinking Water: It is important to drink cold water to prevent lead exposure. If you suspect your fixture or pipes have traces of lead, get them tested. Use cold water for cooking, drinking, and bathing. Hot water has a higher chance of having lead traces in it. 

Healthy Diet: A good diet reduces lead absorption in the body. Food containing a good amount of calcium, vitamin C, and iron also reduces lead absorption in the body. Therefore, encourage your child to eat clean and healthy. 

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