How to Prepare for a Lead Inspection?

How do I prepare for a lead test

Does your home date back to 1978 or before?

There’s a significant chance that your dwelling might have a presence of lead within the property. Lead was used as a widely used paint in many homes in the United States and because it was present in abundance, there has been a potential health risk associated with it.

In this blog, we are going to explain how you can prepare your home for a lead inspection properly. So without further ado, let’s read all about it.

Check Your Home for Chipping, Peeling, or Deteriorating

To prepare your home for a lead inspection in Manhattan, one of the first steps is to thoroughly examine all the walls for any signs of deteriorating paint. Take a close look at your walls to check for any paint that’s chipping, flaking, or peeling. 

If you notice paint coming off or see areas where the paint is deteriorating, it’s a clear indication that there might be lead-based paint beneath the surface. Begin by conducting a thorough inspection of all the walls in your home. If you come across any chips, peeling, or other issues, make sure the paint is in good condition. 

There should be no signs of peeling, chipping, cracking, or flaking paint on the walls.

Visually Inspect the Interior and Exterior Parts of Your Home

It’s always a good idea to conduct a visual inspection of your home. This will help you identify areas with defective paint. You can simply walk around the exterior of your house and inspect it. 

Moreover, visit each room individually and check for any signs of paint peeling or chipping. A quick visual inspection will provide you with a clear understanding of which parts of your home may have deteriorating lead paint.

Clean All the Surfaces Thoroughly Using HEPA Vacuum

Before scheduling a lead paint inspection at your home, don’t forget to clean the area. You can achieve this by using a HEPA vacuum to remove dust and debris from surfaces. Follow it up with a thorough wet wipe-down or rinse the walls and ceilings at least twice to ensure they are completely clean. 

Be diligent in ensuring there is no dust or debris left on the floor, as the inspector may take dust wipe samples from the floors and window sills.

Hire a Certified Lead Inspection Professional to Test Your Home

When it comes to lead paint testing for your home, it’s important to always hire a certified lead inspection service. While there are many lead inspection teams available on platforms like Craigslist, it’s in your best interest to choose a fully certified professional equipped with the necessary tools.

At Manhattan Lead Inspection, our team boasts a decade’s worth of experience inspecting lead in various areas of the home. We are fully equipped with the latest XRF technology to accurately detect and identify lead traces in any residential setting.

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Rather than relying on a state-certified lead inspection team sent by the authorities, consider having your home inspected by our experienced professionals. We can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the amount of lead present within your walls and offer expert advice on lead remediation.

Dial (212) 226-1614 Manhattan Lead Inspection for a thorough and reliable evaluation of your lead situation.