Lead Paint Violations and Orders | Department of Health NYC

Lead paint violation

Receiving a notice or order from the commissioner can be an overwhelming experience and make homeowners and tenants nervous. Understanding what the city and all the different departments or agencies expect you to do can be complicated! Manhattan Lead will guide you through every step of the process when you receive a Department of Health […]

Is it Safe To Live in a House With Lead Paint?

lead paint

Lead paint has been a popular choice for wall decoration in homes in the past; however, it has become a grave health concern for homeowners. Living in a home with lead paint could potentially be a ticking time bomb for the health and safety of you and your loved ones.  This blog will guide you […]

5 Benefits of an EPA-Certified Lead Inspection Company

lead inspection company

Property management and home renovation concerns about lead paint have become prominently prevalent. Lead, a toxic substance, was once commonly used in paint, particularly in older properties and buildings.  As awareness of its health concerns has grown, so has the requirement for thorough lead paint inspections. This article will review the five key benefits of […]