Lead Paint Testing Mistakes to Avoid 

lead paint testing

When you find the possible presence of lead paint in a property, its appeal fades rapidly. Lead paint poses health dangers, especially to young children. Exposure can cause developmental delays, learning difficulties, and behavioral concerns.  Lead testing helps you make intelligent choices about your home’s safety. However, navigating the field of lead testing may be […]

5 Signs Your Home Needs a Lead Paint Inspection

Lead paint inspection

While homeownership is an admirable achievement, prioritizing safety is paramount. Despite its past prevalence, awareness of the dangers of lead paint is now widespread. Exposure to lead paint poses serious health risks, particularly for children and pregnant women. Therefore, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and recognize the indicators necessitating a lead paint inspection. What is […]

How Often Should Lead Paint Testing Be Done?

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In the field of homeownership, there’s a long-standing danger concealed behind the layers of paint on our walls. Lead, once considered a miracle in the paint business, is now a part of our homes, posing a risk we cannot ignore. As guardians of our living spaces, we must ask an essential question: how often should […]

How Does a Lead Inspection Company Conduct Lead Testing?

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Lead is a poisonous material that can be found in houses and poses major health concerns. Paint containing lead is a frequent environmental risk that can have detrimental effects on health, particularly for young children and expectant mothers. Lead testing is essential to ensure your safety whether you’re purchasing a new house or are worried […]

What to Do If Your Home Tests Positive for Lead Paint?

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Owning a home is a dream come true for many, but it also comes with responsibilities, especially when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. Lead paint, once a common household item, poses a significant health risk, particularly for young children and pregnant women. In this blog post, we will explore the importance […]

How Common Is Lead Paint In Houses?

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In the quest for safe and healthy living spaces, homeowners often find themselves grappling with hidden threats lurking within the walls of their homes. One such concern that has gained prominence over the years is the presence of lead paint. In this blog, we will try to comprehend the presence of lead paint in residences […]

Is Lead Testing Mandatory in NYC?

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New laws relating to lead-based paint have recently been enforced in New York City. Closing gaps that put kids in danger and improving public and pregnant women’s safety against lead poisoning were the key goals. Thanks to Local Law 28 of 2020, HPD (Housing Preservation & Development) has increased authority to enforce and mandate the […]

Is It Safe to Live in A House Built Before 1978

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Your house is more likely to have lead-based paint if it was constructed before 1978. Although lead-based paint was outlawed by the federal government in 1978, several states had already outlawed it earlier. Millions of homes still have lead-based paint, usually hidden behind layers of more recent paint. Safety First, not History The regrettable and […]

How Much Does Lead Paint Testing Cost in NYC?

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New York houses a treasure mine of history. But, underneath the lovely façade of its pre-war buildings, do you know that there is this hidden hazard that we need to be aware of? It’s the lead paint. This quiet poison can be hazardous to one’s health, especially to small children. Are you a New York […]

What Are Signs of Lead in Your Home?

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In home safety, lead contamination is a silent yet potent threat that often goes unnoticed. With the potential for severe health implications, homeowners must be vigilant about identifying signs of lead in their living spaces. In this blog, we’ll explore the tell-tale indicators of lead presence and emphasize the significance of a lead paint inspection. […]