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What is XRF Lead Testing?

XRF lead testing refers to the use of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to analyze the presence and concentration of lead in various materials. XRF is an environmental friendly method that allows for quick and accurate identification of elemental composition in a sample.

Risk Associated with Lead:

Lead is a toxic heavy metal found in various products and materials, such as paint, soil, dust, toys, ceramics, and building materials. Exposure to lead can have serious health issues, including developmental delays and neurological damage.

How XRF Lead Testing Works:

XRF lead testing involves the use of an XRF analyzer, which emits X-ray radiation onto the sample being tested. When the X-rays interact with the atoms in the material, they cause the emission of secondary X-rays that are characteristic of the constituents present. By analyzing the energy and intensity of these secondary X-rays, the XRF analyzer can determine the elemental composition of the lead concentration.

XRF Fluorescence

Manhattan Lead Inspections

Importance of XRF Lead Testing


XRF lead testing identifies lead-containing materials, protecting individuals from lead poisoning.


It ensures that products and materials meet lead content regulations, notably Local Law 31 of Queens, NYC.


XRF lead testing identifies lead contamination in soil, water, and paint.


It assesses workplace lead levels, protecting workers' health.


XRF lead testing identifies lead-based paint, enabling safe handling during construction or renovations.

Manhattan Lead Inspections

Manhattan Lead | EPA Certified XRF Lead Testing Service in Queens NYC

Manhattan Lead provides reliable and accurate X-ray fluorescence (XRF) lead testing solutions. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals, we help you identify and assess the presence of lead on your premises.

Lead exposure is a serious concern, particularly where lead-based paint may have been used. Our environment-friendly process analyzes the lead content in paint and other materials. By quickly identifying lead sources, we aid in controlling them. Our professionals provide fast, on-site results and take quick actions to mitigate lead from your life. Whether you require lead testing for residential, commercial, or industrial sites, we can effectively meet your needs.

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Manhattan Lead Inspections

What sets XRF lead testing apart?


XRF testing is non-destructive, preserving sample integrity.


It provides fast on-site analysis.


XRF detects multiple elements simultaneously, including lead.


XRF eliminates the need for costly laboratory analysis in many cases.

Manhattan Lead Inspections

Why Choose Us

Advanced Equipment

Our professionals use highly accurate and reliable tools for the precise detection of lead content. By using advanced technological equipment, we allow our customers to make informed decisions about lead mitigation.


We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. We aim to make XRF lead testing accessible and cost-effective for our clients in Queens.

Compliance with Local Law 31

Our experts thoroughly understand the local law 31 and adhere to it. We ensure our customers’ lead testing needs align with local laws and regulations.

Manhattan Lead Inspections

What is Local Law 31?

Local Law 31 is a New York City regulation that requires lead inspections in old residential “multiple dwelling” buildings. Owners must inspect all units for lead paint within five years or one year if a child under 6 resides there. EPA-certified inspectors must conduct inspections. Contractors must also follow lead-based safety standards. The definition of “multiple dwellings” now includes smaller landlords and vacation rentals. The threshold for lead-based paint has been lowered to 0.5 mg/cm2 as of December 1, 2021.

Manhattan Lead Inspections

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Q: Is XRF lead testing safe?

Ans: The XRF analyzer emits low-energy X-rays and poses no harm when operated by trained professionals. XRF lead testing is safe.

Q: What materials can be tested for lead using XRF?

Ans: XRF lead testing can be conducted on various materials, including paint, dust, soil, toys, ceramics, and building materials.

Q: Are the XRF lead testing results immediate?

Ans: XRF lead testing provides real-time, on-site results, allowing immediate assessment and decision-making regarding lead mitigation.