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Our lead abatement service not only ensures your good health but also ensures the integrity of your property. We have been serving Queen’s community for years and have brought expertise into every lead abatement process we did. Our trained professionals are well-versed in the latest industry standards and regulations. They ensure that every project is executed with precision and care. The use of the latest equipment and industry techniques allows us to perform lead abatement tasks efficiently and thoroughly. May it be commercial or residential premises, we have the skills and resources to address your needs. We stay up-to-date with all applicable laws and local regulations of Queens. Trust us to be your best lead abatement choice in Queens.

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Enitan Adebonojo
Review On Yelp
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Although I had to cancel my appointment for lead testing, Bryan was incredibly helpful. He let me know that I didn’t need the test based on date of construction, which led me to inquire and get confirmation from HPD. I appreciate Bryan’s patience and honesty and would definitely recommend his service.
Joseph R
Review On Google
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Using them was easy, they came to our building in Brooklyn on the weekend and performed XRF lead paint inspections and gave us great service! will recommend!
Yan Margolin
Review On Yelp
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I and my clients having the most glowing things to say about Brian and the team. They have done work both for corporate clients and individual ones and we have been tremendously pleased.
Anthony Melone
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MLI has been an absolute asset for our management company. We are always confident in their lead inspections and would highly recommend!

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We offer a wide range of lead abatement services to meet your needs. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial setup, our experts are here to provide effective lead abatement services. Our advanced lead remediation techniques ensure the safety and compliance of your environment.

Our Lead Abatement Services Include

We Cover Entire Queens

We offer our comprehensive lead abatement services throughout Queens. Our lead-free environment extends to all communities within this diverse borough. Whether Flushing, Jamaica, Astoria, or any other area in Queens, our experts are available to address your lead-related concerns. We understand the importance of health and offer quality lead abatement solutions. Trust us to deliver reliable and effective lead abatement services no matter where you are in Queens.

We Are Licensed & Accredited

Manhattan Lead Inspection’s professionals hold the certifications and licenses to ensure that all lead abatement projects are executed with adherence to Queen’s local and federal guidelines. Choosing us means that your lead concerns are addressed by licensed and experienced professionals. We maintain strict compliance with all relevant regulations.

Hazards of Lead Exposure

Homes with lead-based paint should go through a lead abatement service. Particularly if your house was built before the 1970s when lead-based paint was commonly used in Queens and other areas of NYC.

Lead exposure is dangerous for children and pregnant women.

It can result in developmental delays, lower IQ levels, behavioral issues, and brain, kidney, and nervous system damage.

Inhaling lead dust or contaminated water can cause lead poisoning.

Outdated lead pipes can leave lead in drinking water, posing a risk to those who consume it.

If proper safety precautions and protective equipment are not used, workers involved in lead abatement, renovation, or demolition activities risk lead exposure.

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How long does the lead abatement process take?
The duration varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. Small residential projects may take a few days, while larger commercial or industrial projects may take weeks.
Are there health risks associated with lead abatement?
When conducted by trained professionals following safety protocols, lead abatement is safe. However, lead dust exposure during abatement can pose health risks without proper precautions.
What safety measures are in place during lead abatement?
Safety measures include containment of the work area, personal protective equipment (PPE), HEPA filtration systems, and thorough cleaning to minimize lead dust exposure.
Is it safe to stay in the building during lead abatement?
It is generally recommended to vacate the premises during lead abatement to minimize exposure risks, especially for children, pregnant women, and pets.
How can I prevent lead hazards from recurring after abatement?
Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to prevent lead hazards from reoccurring. Keep surfaces well-maintained and promptly address any deterioration.

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