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What is EPA Certification?

It is the authorization granted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct lead inspections under EPA regulations. It symbolizes that the lead inspection service has met the qualifications and standards set by the EPA to accurately and safely identify lead hazards.

An EPA certification for a lead inspection service means it has undergone specialized training to perform lead inspections. It ensures that the service follows approved methods and protocols for accurate results. The EPA certifications also demonstrate public health protection and provide credible lead inspection services.

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Why is EPA Certification Relevant & Should it be Valued?

Government requirements that are not followed may result in:

EPA certification for lead paint inspection ensures compliance with regulations.


Certified inspectors minimize the risk of lead exposure and contamination, protecting the environment and public health.


It ensures proper training in lead paint inspection techniques, reducing health risks.


Being EPA-certified illustrates expertise and professionalism in providing lead paint inspection services.


EPA certification may be required to qualify for government contracts or grants related to lead paint inspection.

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We Adhere To Local Law 31

We understand the significance of local law 31 legislation in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in NYC. Our EPA-certified professionals are well-trained and follow the guidelines provided by local law 31. Our professionals ensure that your property is thoroughly assessed for potential lead hazards in compliance with local regulations. Manhattan Lead delivers reliable and trustworthy inspections that meet the standards set by local law 31.

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Government Compliance | Choose EPA Certified Service in Queens


Certified inspectors possess the knowledge and skills for accurate lead paint inspections.


Certified services provide thorough inspections for informed decision-making.


Certified inspectors prioritize public health by minimizing lead exposure risks.


EPA certification ensures a reputable and dependable inspection service.


Their reports meet insurance and legal requirements.

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Manhattan Lead | EPA Certified Lead Inspections for Queens Properties

At Manhattan Lead, we ensure the safety and well-being of your residential or commercial properties in Queens, NY. Our skilled and EPA Certified inspectors deliver accurate and reliable assessments to identify potential lead hazards. As a certified lead inspection service, we adhere to strict standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Our expertise and competitive pricing sets us apart in Queens and surrounding areas. Whether you are a homeowner or property manager, we provide comprehensive lead paint inspections for all. Take the first step towards a lead-safe environment. Contact us today.

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Take action now and choose our EPA Certified lead inspection service in Queens. Manhattan Lead will ensure the safety of your property and family by compliance with local law 31 of NYC. Contact us for reliable and professional lead paints inspection in Queens.

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What qualifications do your professionals have?

Our inspectors are EPA certified, demonstrating their expertise and adherence to industry standards for lead paint inspections.

What methods do you use for lead paint testing?

Our inspectors use approved testing methods, including XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyzers and paint chip sampling, to accurately detect and quantify lead in paint.

Are your lead paint inspection services applicable to both residential and commercial properties?

We provide lead paint inspection services for residential and commercial properties according to the client’s needs.

How soon can I receive the inspection report?

We aim to provide inspection reports timely. Depending on the complexity of the inspection, you can expect to receive the report within a few business days.