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Manhattan Lead Inspections Helps You In Finding Out If Your Tap Water Contains Lead

Healthy living is a right of everyone living in Queens. But despite the government’s many efforts, the people of Queens are at threat of lead poisoning. According to a recent report by NYCCELP, 20% of Queen residents are directly exposed to hazardous levels of lead, while 20% are at high probability of lead exposure. Protect yourself and your family from the perils of lead exposure by scheduling a home inspection with a certified lead inspector. Doing so can help identify and mitigate any sources of lead exposure, protecting the health and well-being of Queens residents.

Make sure you live a lead-free life by having your house inspected by Manhattan Lead Inspections.

Lead Water Testing in NYC

The Importance of Prompt Action: Why Should You Immediately Get Your Water Supply Tested For Lead

Getting your water supply tested by Manhattan Lead water testing service will help you determine if your water supply contains harmful lead levels. It is essential to do this for the following reasons.

Protecting Your Health: Lead is classified as a neurotoxin. Therefore, no level of lead is approved for prolonged contact. Mitigating or eliminating the lead source in your water can drastically improve your health.

Preserving Water Quality: Since water is a necessity of life, it is crucial to consume clean and safe water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By eliminating contaminants such as lead, you can significantly improve the water quality you consume.

Legal Responsibility: All homeowners in the Queens area are legally responsible for eradicating lead from their water supply to ensure the safety of themselves and neighboring premises.

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5 Preventive Measures You Can Take To Avoid Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning has detrimental effects on human health. Due to its hazardous effects on the human body, this metal is labeled as a neurotoxin. Prolonged contact with this metal can be deadly in some cases. Therefore, taking preventive measures to mitigate contact with lead is crucial. You can follow these steps to ensure there is minimum lead in your water:

  1. Flush Your Pipes: Run tap water for 30 seconds or more before using it for consumption, primarily if it has not been used for several hours.
  2. Use Cold Water: Cold water contains less lead than hot water. Therefore, it is advised to use cold water for drinking and cooking.
  3. Clean Your Aerator: Routinely clean your aerator with Vinger or any other specialized cleaner to avoid lead particle buildup on your aerators.
  4. Install a Water Filter: Install a water filter that can effectively filter lead particles from water used for consumption. A certified water filter can effectively mitigate the level of lead in water.

In addition to the preventive measures, get routine lead level checkups to maintain good health. If you suspect lead in your house, call Manhattan Lead for inspections.

Make Sure You Follow Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) by EPA

As part of the LCR, water lead levels must be monitored continuously. It also advises personnel to imply corrosion control. By preventing water corrosion with lead-made plumbing material, thus the likelihood of lead transferring into water is minimized. Moreover, the rule suggests thoroughly inspecting lead service lines to ensure the lead is not moving into the water. Extended corrosion between the water and lead pipes can transfer hazardous lead levels into the water. If lead levels of 15 ppb are reached, it is advisable to mitigate the impact of lead. High levels of lead cause lead poisoning in individuals, resulting in multiple health risks and, worse cases, death.


With increasing lead levels in the water supply, lead poisoning has become a graving issue in NYC and its boroughs. Prompt actions must be taken to avoid prolonged contact. Call Manhattan Lead for Lead Inspection of your property in Queens NY.

Trust Manhattan Lead Inspections for Effective Lead Water Testing in Queens

Manhattan Lead Inspections has provided lead inspection services for over a decade in NYC and its boroughs. We have protected the health of many individuals living in compromised living situations with high lead levels on their premises. We have taken it upon ourselves to educate and provide customized services to mitigate the risk of lead poisoning. Now that, the residents of Queens are endangered by the perils of lead in water, we are here to protect you and your family by providing effective lead water inspection and treatment solutions.  Contact us if you have any queries. We provide the best solutions of lead water testing at the most affordable rate.