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Lead Paint Testing Staten Island | Make Your Property Lead-Free and Live a Healthy Life

Are you looking for Lead Paint Testing services in Staten Island? We have got you covered. Manhattan Lead Inspections provides Lead Paint Testing services for all commercial and residential places. We are a local independent company and confident enough that the results you will receive from us will be in your best interests.

Lead exposure can be very harmful to your health. Years back, paint in buildings contained Lead, which could be very harmful to health, especially for children and pregnant women. It can cause neurological damage, development delay, and many other health problems. If you live in an old building or have even 1% doubt that your paint could have Lead particles in it, call Manhattan Lead Inspections immediately. Our team will arrive at your location, conduct Lead Paint Testing and send you a report.

Call us today and book our services; after all, your health comes first.

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Why Is It Important To Conduct Lead Paint Testing?

Lead paint testing is important because Lead is a toxic substance that can be harmful to human health, especially to children and pregnant women. Lead is a neurotoxin that can affect brain development, cause behavioural problems, and lead to learning difficulties, among other health issues.

Lead paint was commonly used in homes built before the 1980s, and it can release lead dust and chips into the air that people can inhale or ingest. Lead paint testing in Staten Island can help identify areas where lead-based paint is present so that appropriate measures can be taken to prevent exposure.

It is very important to conduct Lead Paint Testing if you have children at home. If there are signs of Lead in your home paint, get the paint removed to avoid exposure. Call Manhattan Lead Inspections today and conduct Lead Paint Testing at your place. We provide accurate results in a short time span.

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Get Assistance with Local Law 31 Compliance

Get your home certified as compliant with local law 31. It is the best way to ensure that your property remains safe from lead traces. We have our EPA-certified professionals who ensure to follow Housing Preservation & Development guidelines before conducting the Lead Paint Testing. We provide detailed and accurate reports, including all the specifications.

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Why Choose Us?

People of Staten Island prefer Manhattan Lead Inspections because:

We will provide you with a free quote, and it is what we will take from you. We do not charge any hidden fee.

Our sample testing is completed using the latest data collection software. We carefully take samples, and the information is recorded accurately.

We deliver results as soon as possible without any delays.

Our lead testing services are available all over Staten Island and nearby areas. If you are looking for lead testing near me, your search ends here because we are ready to assist you.

Call us today if you are looking for the best and most accurate lead testing services in Staten Island. Manhattan Lead Inspections have the best team to conduct lead testing without errors.