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Protect Your Loved Ones with our EPA Certified Lead Paint Inspectors in Staten Island

Lead paint was commonly used in houses and other structures before 1978. Its durable nature and vibrant colors made it a popular choice. However, as we all know, lead is a poisonous chemical that is dangerous to young children and pregnant women. Lead exposure can have serious health consequences, ranging from developmental delays and learning difficulties to behavioral issues and even organ damage. Unfortunately, lead paint is frequently covered behind layers of fresher paint, rendering it nearly invisible without a professional inspection.

This is when Manhattan Leads Inspections’ EPA Certified Lead Paint Inspectors come for help. Our professionals have received extensive training and certification to effectively identify and assess the presence of lead paint on your properties. Our team’s expertise goes beyond a basic visual assessment; we use advanced procedures and specialized equipment to find even the most hidden signs of lead paint.

Take the necessary measures to create a healthier environment. Call Manhattan Lead Inspections for reliable EPA Certified Lead Paint Inspectors in Staten Islands.

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When Should You Hire an EPA-Certified Lead Paint Inspector?

Determining when to hire an EPA Certified Lead Paint Inspector is crucial when dealing with older properties or renovations, as it ensures compliance with environmental regulations and safeguards against potential lead hazards. It is advisable to employ an EPA Certified Lead Inspector in Staten Island for a home inspection under the following conditions:


When Buying or Renting a Home

If you are buying or renting a home built before 1978, it is advisable to have a lead inspection conducted. This will help you identify potential lead hazards and make an informed decision about the property.


Before Remodeling or Renovations

If you are planning renovations or remodeling that may disturb painted surfaces, it is crucial to have a lead inspection done beforehand. Disturbing lead-based paint can release hazardous lead dust and chips, posing a risk to both occupants and workers.


If you Suspect Lead Paint Hazards

If you suspect the presence of lead-based paint in your home or if you or your family members are experiencing symptoms of lead exposure, it is important to hire an EPA Certified Lead Inspector in Staten Island for a thorough inspection.


For Rental Properties and Landlords

Hiring an EPA Certified Lead Inspector in Staten Island to conduct periodic inspections for your rental properties will help ensure that you meet the necessary safety standards and protect your tenants from potential lead hazards.


Required by Local Regulations

Check the local laws and regulations in Staten Island to determine if lead inspections are mandatory under certain circumstances. Some jurisdictions may have specific requirements for lead inspections.

The expertise of an EPA Certified Lead Inspector in Staten Island is vital in identifying and assessing lead paint hazards accurately. Manhattan Lead Inspections will conduct thorough inspections, providing you with reliable information to make informed decisions about your home’s safety.

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Safeguard Your Property with Confidence - Trust Manhattan Lead Inspections for EPA-Certified Lead Paint Inspectors in Staten Island

Manhattan Lead Inspections is an excellent option for EPA-certified lead paint inspectors. We go above and beyond to give outstanding service, with a reputation for uncompromising quality and a dedication to providing safety. Our team of highly trained and qualified inspectors has the experience and understanding to analyze lead paint dangers precisely, leading you through the procedure with professionalism and care.

Call Manhattan Lead Inspections now to have peace of mind knowing that your home is in the hands of competent specialists that emphasize EPA compliance and their client’s well-being.

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How do EPA-Certified Lead Paint Inspectors Identify and Test for Lead-Based Paint?

Lead-based paint is identified and tested for using different ways by certified inspectors. Among these approaches are:


Paint Chip Sampling

Using specialized instruments, inspectors collect tiny samples of paint chips from various surfaces. These samples are then analyzed in a laboratory to identify the presence and quantity of lead in the paint.


X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis

Inspectors use handheld XRF analyzers, which emit X-rays onto the painted surface. The XRF analyzer detects the fluorescence generated by the paint and provides information about the lead concentration without causing any damage to the surface.

Call Manhattan Lead Inspections now! Our EPA-Certified Lead Paint Inspectors follow specific protocols and guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure accurate and reliable testing.