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What is lead abatement?

Lead abatement is a process to eliminate lead from the buildings. Lead is a toxic metal that can be harmful when inhaled. It has severe adverse effects on children and pregnant women. Lead abatement ensures a healthy environment by eliminating lead-contaminated substances.

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Enitan Adebonojo
Review On Yelp
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Although I had to cancel my appointment for lead testing, Bryan was incredibly helpful. He let me know that I didn’t need the test based on date of construction, which led me to inquire and get confirmation from HPD. I appreciate Bryan’s patience and honesty and would definitely recommend his service.
Joseph R
Review On Google
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Using them was easy, they came to our building in Brooklyn on the weekend and performed XRF lead paint inspections and gave us great service! will recommend!
Yan Margolin
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I and my clients having the most glowing things to say about Brian and the team. They have done work both for corporate clients and individual ones and we have been tremendously pleased.
Anthony Melone
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MLI has been an absolute asset for our management company. We are always confident in their lead inspections and would highly recommend!

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of lead abatement services in The Bronx. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to make your life a lead-free life.

Our Lead Abatement Services Include

Bronx's Trusted Lead Abatement

Our lead abatement service ensures the health and well-being of your loved ones. Whether home or office, our experts address lead hazards in all structures. We thoroughly assess your premises and develop a customized abatement plan to eliminate the lead from every corner. Whether lead-based paint, lead water testing, or encapsulating lead surfaces, we ensure your space is free from lead hazards. We adhere to the highest industry standards during the abatement process. We ensure that our work complies with local and national regulations.

Choose our lead abatement service for comprehensive, expert solutions.

Bronx's Accredited Lead Abatement Specialists

Our technicians are EPA-certified for lead abatement services. It signifies our proficiency in adhering to the highest industry standards regarding lead hazard management. With EPA certification, you can trust our technicians to safely and effectively handle lead abatement projects. Manhattan Lead Inspection is here for the well-being of your health and indoor environment.

Why Lead Abatement Matters

Prevent lead poisoning and health issues.

Stay in line with The Bronx regulations to avoid fines.

Increase property value.

Create safer living or working spaces.

Toxin-free environment.

Prevent future health-related costs.

Reduce lead exposure to the environment.

EPA-certified technicians ensure safe, effective abatement.

We Cover the Entire Bronx

We offer our comprehensive lead abatement services across the entire Bronx borough. Whether you reside in Riverdale or the South Bronx, we are here to address lead hazards in homes, businesses, and public spaces. Our professionalism knows no bounds and serves every corner of the Bronx. We ensure residents and property owners can access expert lead abatement easily to protect their health and well-being.


Is lead abatement required by law in The Bronx?
Yes, The Bronx follows New York State and federal regulations regarding lead abatement, especially in older properties.
What are the health risks associated with lead exposure?
Lead exposure can lead to developmental delays, learning disabilities, and other health issues. In severe cases, it can be life-threatening.
What precautions do you take to ensure safety during lead abatement?
Our certified technicians use containment procedures, wear protective gear, and follow strict safety protocols to minimize risks.
How much does lead abatement cost in The Bronx?

Costs vary depending on

  • The scope of work
  • Property size

We provide customized quotes after an initial assessment.

Do you handle lead testing and clearance after abatement?
We conduct lead testing and provide clearance after abatement to ensure your property is safe.

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