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Hire EPA Certified Lead Paint Inspectors in the Bronx to Stay Compliant With Lead-Based Paint Laws

What is Lead Paint & Why is Lead Paint Testing in The Bronx Important?

Lead-based paint is a serious health issue that can endanger many people, particularly children, expectant women, and animals. Get your property in The Bronx tested for lead-based paint if it was built before 1978. To make sure your property is safe, Manhattan Lead Inspections offers EPA-certified lead paint inspection services in The Bronx. Buildings built before 1978 in the Bronx are required to undergo a comprehensive inspection because they may contain lead-based paint, in accordance with EPA standards. It’s crucial to check for lead-based paint if you have children or are going to renovate your house in order to avoid lead poisoning. Worried about your family’s health and wellbeing? Hire our EPA certified lead paint inspectors in The Bronx today.

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What Is Local Law 1?

All property owners in The Bronx are required by Local Law 1 to identify and mitigate lead-based paint concerns in residential structures where children under the age of six reside. The landlords must arrange for a professional inspector to check their apartments for lead paint before August 9, 2025.
Government requirements that are not followed may result in:

Getting HPD infractions


Compulsion to show proof of compliance for XRF testing


Paint exemptions provided as a result of HPD violations

In search of an EPA certified lead paint inspector in The Bronx? Reach out to us.

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Get The Best EPA Certified Lead Inspection Services In The Bronx

To determine whether lead-based paint is present in your property, Manhattan Lead Inspections offers certified lead paint inspection services in the Bronx. Our team of professionals uses cutting-edge tools and methods to effectively detect lead paint during a complete assessment of your property. To guarantee that your property complies with the most recent guidelines and requirements for lead-based paint poisoning, we also offer follow-up services like lead abatement, repair, and cleanup. We also provide a thorough analysis of the test results.

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Why Do I Need To Hire a EPA Certified Lead Inspector In The Bronx?

To maintain the security of your property and avoid lead poisoning, you must hire a qualified lead testing agency in The Bronx. We at Manhattan Lead Inspections have the expertise and knowledge necessary to accurately evaluate your property’s lead-based paint situation. For the protection of your pets, members of your family, and guests, we offer high-quality lead paint inspection services. The following situations require hiring an EPA-certified lead paint inspector in the Bronx for your property

You live with kids who are susceptible to lead poisoning.


You need to make sure that no lead-based paint was used in the building of your home before 1978.


A thorough inspection is pending as your property was constructed before 1978.


You intend to rent or buy a home, and government rules require that a lead test be performed on the property.


You need to make sure that no lead-based paint is contaminating the air for you.

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Why Choose Manhattan Lead Inspections’s EPA Certified Lead Paint Inspection Services in The Bronx

Manhattan Lead Inspections offers several lead paint inspection services, such as visual inspections, XRF analysis, and air sampling. Based on the age of the property and its current condition, our expertise will select the most appropriate testing techniques to guarantee accurate results. On top of that, we guarantee attentive customer service throughout the entire process. Our staff is available 24/7 to respond to any questions you may have and provide insightful advice on how to minimize any potential safety hazards resulting from lead paint contamination. Through a thorough examination process, we ensure there are no traces of hazardous lead-based paint left behind.

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Hire Us To Inspect Your Property in The Bronx For Lead Paint

We, at Manhattan Lead Inspections prioritize our customer’s satisfaction above everything. Our EPA certified lead paint inspectors in The Bronx go through training, which includes practical technical instruction, on-the-job training, and a certification exam. We take lead paint inspections seriously and go above and above to provide customers with the greatest support. Our technicians are able to plan testing around your schedule, and they are transparent about inspection results. If you are looking for a top quality EPA Certified Lead Paint Inspector in The Bronx, we’ve got you covered. Our lead testing service inspects all kinds of surfaces, from walls and ceilings to baseboards, windows, and window frames. We also check closets, cabinets, and shelves to make sure every corner of your property is tested for lead. You can trust our thorough inspection process to identify any potential hazards and keep you and your loved ones safe. Don’t wait to get your property inspected for lead paint and hire our EPA certified lead paint inspector in The Bronx.